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#GridPlans: Flipgrid Your Sub Plans

What IS #GridPlans?

FlipGrid + Sub Plans = #GridPlans

Watch This Video:

RESOURCES for #GridPlans are always updating, so check back often!

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WHY #GridPlans? Making meaningful, effective sub plans is hard! And video is powerful. The beauty of Flipgrid lies both in its simplicity of video creation and navigation, as well as its power to amplify voice and meaningful discussion in one organized place. No more typing out sub plans. No more fluff days. Nothing lost in translation. While the guest teacher (and students) play, pause, replay guidelines heard directly from the teacher, learning experiences become more efficient and effective–albeit in the absence of the teacher.

HOW does #GridPlans work? Record sub plan videos from anywhere (especially directly from the learning spaces for demonstration) in Flipgrid. Share the link with the sub. Password protect as desired.

SHARING your sub plans to platforms like Google Classroom and Remind allows students to interact with ease and self-guided pacing, with video guidelines that remain congruent over time.

SPECIAL FEATURES (updated August 12, 2019) like the NEW Shorts Camera with the white board option and the ability to add-on segments amplify voice and enhance sub plans with even greater flexibility and creativity.

INTEGRATING with media resources like Wakelet, Nearpod, Adobe Spark, and Wonderopolis (to name a few), not to mention uploading videos from youtube and vimeo and images from your own library extends one’s creative potential, making Flipgrid’s more user-friendly than ever!


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