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#NCDLCN Portfolio

Dear North Carolina Digital Leadership Coaching Network,

Welcome to my #NCDLCN portfolio!

I’ve been working hard on kylehamstra.com. Like me–It’s always a work in progress! What I love about my professional learning portfolio is the ownership I’ve experienced in creating and maintaining my learning journey as it happens, on a digital platform (WordPress). I’m creating a meaningful archive that I can reference to measure growth over time.

I love that my portfolio is dynamic, as it’s always growing and changing–check back often! It’s my sincerest hopes that it reflects servant leadership and continuous improvement, learning, and growing. My portfolio is not a highlight reel of my best products (although some may be included), but it’s a broader picture of my learning processes overall.

I’m passionate about leadership, curriculum, and STEM, but mostly about connecting people and ideas on different platforms. I’ve been blessed with many opportunities to present and share my learning. Here’s one of my favorite presentations… I hope you steal this 4 Social Media Platforms 4 Today 4 Education 4 FREE (Social Media for Educators) and make it better!

I’m honored to have had this #NCDLCN #CenterStage starting line of learning together with you, and I’m hoping that we’ll stay connected to collaborate in our professional learning network in the future.

Can’t wait to see you face-to-face, again!

Thank you!


Kyle Hamstra

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