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Inescapable Small Wins

Until this moment, phrases like small wins or short-term wins seemed like buzz words to me. I admit that deep down, I thought: “Awwwwww… a small win… isn’t that cute. I mean, really, who doesn’t love a good pep rally? Grab the pompoms and get your cheer on! Since the astronomical Read more…

On the Grid?

This did NOT go as planned–But is it still On the Grid? I’ve read so many posts about perfectly planned, extremely well-executed learning experiences that produced expected–and occasionally beyond–results. But I’m taking my friend Starr Sackstein‘s advice, here. Striving for authenticity, I’m also blogging about experiences that did NOT go Read more…

Showcased Learning: The Second Question

Showcased-Learning. WHAT? Is this an oxymoron, or is it a paradox? Is it possible to have a final-product-process? What’s this all about? Every spring, the North Carolina Technology In Education Society (NCTIES) has an annual conference. Educators from around the state (and occasionally beyond) converge on Raleigh to share best Read more…