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Approachable and Coachable

Coaching can be powerful. Done well, the experience can multiply leaders and transform lives. I’m fortunate to have friends who actually have the word “Coach” in their titles. I’m always learning a lot from them. In addition, part of me thinks that there are elements of coaching interwoven through all Read more…

What I Never Knew as a Classroom Teacher

I don’t know it all. And I think most people would agree that they don’t, either. But here’s the super scary thing. There’s more! As a classroom teacher, there were so many things I didn’t know… that I didn’t know. Nothing has made me more aware of this simple truth Read more…

The CrEDible Coach

What IS a coach? Playing a lot of sports while growing up in the Midwest was an unforgettable experience. I learned some hard life lessons as a youngster, and now those growing-up moments are still so valuable to me–to the extent of shaping my present, adult decision-making. Behind every challenge Read more…