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Learning By Doing

In my last post: 3 Takeaways from My District Presentation, I expressed my passion–and the need–for learning by doing: “The reason why learning by doing is so powerful is because when learners do something or create something, they actively live the experience. Their brains archive the message, recall key words and ideas, Read more…

Doing Professional Learning: Part 2

What’s your favorite way to learn? My learning experiences have to be meaningful, memorable, and somewhat personalized, while helping me become better for kids. At conferences and unconferences alike, I look for ways to become better in addressing the Whole Child at 30,000 feet, before landing on one specific path at Read more…

DOING Professional Learning

Have you ever gone outside to learn something new at an edtech conference? I have! It was so special to me, and I can’t wait to share this experience with you. At the Wake County Instructional Technology and Library Media Services #wonderwake Fall Convergence Symposium, Bill Ferriter and I presented on Read more…