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Reflection Over Time

I was wrong. Here’s a try that definitely failed. But why? #HamstraHighlights is committed to archiving and sharing experiences as a learning portfolio. Personal journeys aren’t about showcasing all the time. After all, educators talk about students failing forward, and yet it’s still considered a risk for some educators to Read more…

Doing Professional Learning: Part 2

What’s your favorite way to learn? My learning experiences have to be meaningful, memorable, and somewhat personalized, while helping me become better for kids. At conferences and unconferences alike, I look for ways to become better in addressing the Whole Child at 30,000 feet, before landing on one specific path at Read more…

The #ncties That Bind

It’s about celebrating moments with people. I love the conference experience, because I love people and their stories. When learners of all ages meet face-to-face to exchange ideas, learn from each other, and continue seeking ways to make teaching and learning better for all–That’s powerful! To me, conferences are not Read more…