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Tag: Reflection Over Time

Reflection Space

Professional learning experiences aren’t singular, calendar events with products and finite finish lines–they’re starting lines to ongoing processes in our learning journey. I’ve experienced an incredible amount of personal and professional learning in the last ten days. Each experience has pushed my thinking, challenged my status quo, and widened my Read more…

About That Conference

Really? Are you still unpacking and processing your latest professional learning experience? Good. You should be. Here’s why… For any professional learning experience, including local, state, national, and international conferences; unconferences like edcamps, techcamps, or smackdowns; weekly twitter chats; or even what some still call professional development just down the Read more…

Reflection Over Time

I was wrong. Here’s a try that definitely failed. But why? #HamstraHighlights is committed to archiving and sharing experiences as a learning portfolio. Personal journeys aren’t about showcasing all the time. After all, educators talk about students failing forward, and yet it’s still considered a risk for some educators to Read more…