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Tag: Relational Capacity

Shark Tank

I love the show: Shark Tank. There’s nothing better than watching people take a risk to see if they can make a match. Does each side have what it takes to help the team build a dynasty? Do they have the winning combination to sustain long-term success? While I haven’t Read more…

10 Myths About Relationships

Relationships are the foundation to learning and growing together. Therefore, it’s important to clarify… 10 Myths About Relationships: 1–Relationships are easy.  The USA divorce rate still hovers near 50% (which is waaay down from 62% very recently, mostly because people are living together and not getting married as much). And Read more…

Do Relationships Equal Learning?

Do Relationships Equal Learning? If you’re a young educator or new to twitter, you may be led to believe that relationships with students and colleagues are easily forged and directly translate into meaningful learning experiences and higher test scores. To the average onlooker or twitter chat participant, it may appear Read more…