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#WhyIBlog: Beyond My Standards

While attending my district’s WCPSSITLMS Convergence Learning Symposium three years ago, I was listening to George Couros present reasons why educators should build their own digital portfolio. Online features would include a professional profile as an about.me page, sharing resources through social media, and reflecting on our experiences through blogging. Read more…

Twitter: The Student Portfolio

A librarian once told me that a school’s media center should be the hub of learning in its community. When I enter a school’s media center today, I see media everywhere, organized by the Dewey Decimal System, or usually a generalized, digital descendant thereof. I see easily-searchable resources and wide-open spaces Read more…

On the Grid?

This did NOT go as planned–But is it still On the Grid? I’ve read so many posts about perfectly planned, extremely well-executed learning experiences that produced expected–and occasionally beyond–results. But I’m taking my friend Starr Sackstein‘s advice, here. Striving for authenticity, I’m also blogging about experiences that did NOT go Read more…