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Specialist Goes Back to the Classroom: Part III: Integrating With Specialists

Blogger’s Note: This time, I’m going back to the classroom–virtually. To read the rest of this series, please see Part I here and Part II here. For nearly two decades now, I’ve been wrestling with a serious concern that affects educator health and student learning. I’m hearing many commonalities among Read more…

Management: Classrooms vs Specials

So far, I’ve served in two different roles. After teaching fifth grade math and science for fourteen years, I’m in my third year as a STEM Specialist. While both are dream positions, they’re very different from each other. In previous blogs, I’ve enjoyed highlighting many aspects along my journey. In Read more…

Specialist Goes Back to the Classroom: Part I: The R-Word

Classroom Teacher → Specialist → Classroom Teacher I was asked to fill in for a fifth grade teacher who was going out on medical leave, beginning on February 1, 2017. Therefore, I would temporarily leave my K-5 STEM Specialist position to assume my former fifth grade math/science classroom teaching position. Read more…