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Speaking Communication Format Language

The world is moving fast! Technology is advancing quickly, and we have the power to connect like never before. What’s your favorite social media or platform in which to communicate? I love twitter. I’m super-passionate about using hashtags to archive, share, and tell our learning journey. Because twitter is my Read more…

From Dewey Decimals To Hamstra Hashtags: 4 Steps to Sharing Learning Resources Efficiently

From cataloging with the Dewey Decimal System in 1876 to exploring wide open topics on digital search engines today… Oh, how the times have changed–Or have they? While some educators argue how the Dewey Decimal System was too linear and inflexible with changing times and genres, others race to throw Read more…

Hashtag A Community Around Your Curriculum

Twitter is powerful. Tweets can evoke responses, start movements, and create communities. Who can forget when George Couros rocked the Twitterverse with this teacher invitation? I share this same passion for Twitter in education, however, my journey was unique… I love science. I love creating opportunities for students to love Read more…