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Tag: Winning the #Edtech Race

That’s Not A Tech Question

Last week, a colleague reached out to me on a back channel to ask my advice. Simply put, he wanted to know: “Which platform is better–Seesaw or Flipgrid?” Maybe it was because pandemic, remote learning conditions shone the spotlight on those privileged with options like this in the first place Read more…

One Small Change 2

It’s not about having the best lesson ever. It’s not about adding a TON of extra work to your To-Do List. It is about how one small change can make a BIG difference. It is about how one small change can meaningfully enhance a learning experience. Checkered Flag! Analyzing race results right there on the spot was another Read more…

Winning the #Edtech Race

My elementary learners are loving one of their most exciting STEM experiences ever, and I’m having a hard time dealing with it. It’s true. I’m pulling over for a pitstop to adjust my game plan. I need to reconfigure my setup. I had envisioned exactly how I wanted this race to Read more…