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I never miss work. Ever. But today I’m sick, and I did the unthinkable–I took a sick day. I’m going through some things right now, and I’m wondering if any other educators have ever felt the same way?

While being away from school, I’m experiencing deep levels of:

  • Shame–How could I let my health get the best of me? I’m worthless to my career and my family right now. I can’t be of any help to anyone if I’m quarantined. In fact, I’m causing others more stress and drama by rearranging their schedules and asking for favors. I need to get back on track ASAP.
  • FOMO–Fear of Missing Out–What am I missing out on while away?
  • Guilt–I should be there, but I’m not. I’m letting others down.
  • Stress–The more I think about what I should be doing, the quicker the heart rate.
  • Anxiety–How much more work will it take to catch up, upon my return?
  • Joy–Some friends checked in on me, just to see how I was doing! Nothing feels better than this! Thank you, friends!
  • Empathy–I wonder if students feel the same way when they miss school? How can I be proactive in the future, to check in with students and ease their transition back in to our learning spaces?

While I’m out sick–Here are my thoughts:

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