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With whom are you surrounding yourself? Hopefully, you’re surrounding yourself with people who help you #becomebetter.

A huge part of growing in your personal and professional walk is being open to listening to and hearing advice from others. Depending on how you receive that feedback and differentiate it to meet your needs, that advice can become more than a helpful hint, a useful strategy, or a pro tip.

In fact, in this series, I’m reflecting upon advice that’s been not only a game-changer for me–rather, these words from the wise have changed my life.

If you’ve experienced any George Couros session in the last few years, chances are likely that you’ve heard him express how much video means to him. Sharing his own life experiences about recording videos while growing up, I remember George specifically saying: “If you think a picture is worth a thousand words, wait till you see a video!

I had the honor of experiencing several George Couros sessions, and this was one thing (of many things) I never forgot. You see, my last time hearing about the importance of video (over just images) from George was before I became a parent. And now? It’s very apparent to me why this advice is life-changing.

George said: “Don’t just take pictures of your baby. Take a lot of videos!”

It may sound obvious to anyone why you would want to capture all of those big-time baby firsts, like the first time cooing, crawling, walking, talking, eating and laughing. But what I did not expect was how valuable videos of all those other times growing up–those in-between big-time moments of firsts–would be to me. Indeed, they are priceless.

Nearly eleven months in as a new parent, I literally can’t remember a day when I didn’t take out my phone and watch a video of our son.

In the middle of any day when life gets intense in a crazy world, watching videos of our son calms me. It refocuses my attention and energies on my priorities and what matters most. Watching these videos is a reminder that my purpose is personal, life is about people, and time is fleeting.

When what’s going on in the present moment–though stressful at times–seems like a super big deal, these videos expand my context, grant me perspective, and ground me in core values.

What’s really cool is that while I’m away, my wife frequently sends me videos of the latest #MyalsMoments. It melts my heart and occasionally moves me to tears. Between the two of us, we have hundreds of short videos archived and backed up. I can’t wait to see how they increase in value over time, almost like compound interest.

Recording and viewing several videos of our son growing up has not only been a game-changer for me–It has changed my life.

Thank you for your advice, George.



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