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Leaves of Absence

It’s beautiful.

Leaves grow, blossom, and change over time.

For a moment, it is well with my soul.

Then, at the right time, they fall.

Gliding gracefully in a gentle, autumn breeze.

Another leaf’s fall flight, another burden off the branch.

A permanent leave of absence.

Seemingly self-preserving, the tree lost its self.

It was the leaves that absorbed the brightest opportunities.

The leaves had the greatest capacity for change.

It was the leaves that breathed life into the mission.

The leaves were the gatekeepers of gas.

It was the leaves that worked up a sweat and pored it out.

The leaves symbolized synergy.

It was the leaves that were chorophylled with magic.

The leaves personified fruition.

It was the leaves that gave it all to help others.

The leaves became habitats, food, and compost.

It was the leaves that were colorful, diverse, and unique.

The leaves forecast the weather.

It was the leaves that made the tree its self.

The leaves made it beautiful.

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