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Reflection through blogging has been the best thing I’ve ever done in my career. To those who encouraged me to start my own professional portfolio, THANK YOU.

Near and far, my network is strong. That doesn’t necessarily mean the quantity is prioritized, but rather that the quality of my human resources is more than I could have ever imagined. I look forward to learning and growing together in the future. To those with whom I’m extremely grateful to know in my professional networks, THANK YOU.

Finally, what I’m doing here isn’t my idea. In fact, I first saw Bill Ferriter recall his top reads at the end-of-the-year years ago, and I really like his concise, curated format. Therefore, I’m not only copying an idea from a truly inspirational educator, I’m very mindful to cite my sources. To those who hold me accountable to cite my sources, for example, and who speak the truth in love, THANK YOU.

Here were The Top 5 #HamstraHighlights of 2018:

Flipgrid Your Sub Plans

Flipgrid Your Curriculum

4 Reasons to Morning Meeting

1 Tweet 10 Likes

Love for Myals

Here are some reflections that I was hoping would make the Top 5:

My Former Misconceptions About The Racial Equity Institute

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A Legacy That Matters: Part I

Flies and Honey, Beets and Beans

Hesitant to #ARVRinEDU

Are We Sharing Resources Efficiently?

Winning the #Edtech Race

Flipgrid Your NC Science

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