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Life moves pretty fast. People move on. Ain’t it funny how life changes?

You’ve heard all the cliches, movie lines, and song lyrics.

But when it comes to our personal lives, change hurts.

Profound wisdom rots in the hearts of the grieving.

That friend who worked so closely with you last year is no longer there. The one with whom you would still sacrifice everything just to see face-to-face for twenty minutes once a week has moved on. While in your mind you thought you were still besties, you cringe with confusion when you see that person excluding you from simple opportunities you once experienced together. And that’s not even to mention death, disease, and despair.

What happened? What does it all mean?

Does it mean that you’re cool or not cool with each other anymore?

Your circles are different. Your concerns are light years apart. And while the memories, laughs, and good times torture you by replaying over and over again in your mind as you try to move on yourself, your daily routine suffers. Heartache consumes the void. Sometimes tears.

Change can hurt. Especially when you’re the one who cares the most.

I’m wondering if the cold breaks in our relationships could be lessened. I’m wondering if crucial conversations could build bridges rather than fortify walls of misunderstandings. At the very least, the one maintaining and the one moving on could both learn from the productive struggle, from the incredible opportunity at hand–before parting ways.

The hard break doesn’t have to be a permanent one–It can be embraced as a momentary pause. A time to wait for the winds of change.

I’m wrestling with the twitterverse’s exploitation of “building relationships with kids” versus adults who have a super hard time getting along together, themselves. Many of us aren’t well-versed in the mannerisms of reciprocal relationships and simple, situational considerations.

Really, I’m wondering if we could smoothen our transitions with each other as we progress through this thing called life. Perhaps a little tender-loving-care could go a long way in mending the fences, building bridges, and moving forward.

I’m wondering if we could make the best of it, even if we’re in different seasons.

To whom will you reach out today?

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