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In pandemic times, we’ve been tried. We’ve been tested. We’ve been through a lot.

While we’ve waged worldwide war on the invisible virus, perhaps, many of us fought our fiercest fights in our very own homes. We’ve done battle with demons daring to destroy our would-be well-being.

Jumping jacks on the driveway, lunges in the living room. Church online, lifelines by mail. Synchronous circumstance by day, timeless teleworking by night.

Washing hands, wearing masks, waiting six feet apart.

Of the socially distant heart, mind, body, and soul… for many, it’s the mental health arena active with gladiators galore.

Manic moments of random routine, it’s our spacing, for better or for worse.

Messed up math.

Family frenzy.

Civil unrest.


We wait… with vigilance.

For a new day is dawning.

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