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Thank A Mentor

We’re all on a journey. We’re seeking continuous improvement. We want to become better at learning, teaching, and life. We want to make a difference. Along the way, what has been your greatest resource? I’m still reflecting on this #ecet2 chat question from Sunday, April 29th, 2018. I love this Read more…

Living Life Without Finish Lines

I’m ashamed to admit that I just did it. Again. I can’t believe it. After all the self-discipline. After all the personal research invested to rewire my brain. After all my prior life experiences. It’s still happening. The journey from conception to birth is filled with planning of all kinds–as Read more…

Specialist Goes Back to the Classroom: Part II: Flying in Formation

UPDATE: Yesterday was the last day of my fifteenth year of teaching, and the last day in my transition as a specialist going back to the classroom. Here’s a quick recap: Classroom Teacher → Specialist → Classroom Teacher I was asked to fill in for a fifth grade teacher who Read more…