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We’re all on a journey. We’re seeking continuous improvement. We want to become better at learning, teaching, and life. We want to make a difference.

Along the way, what has been your greatest resource?

I’m still reflecting on this #ecet2 chat question from Sunday, April 29th, 2018.

I love this question:

Immediately, this question had my mind racing in several different directions.

Who Influences You?

I can think of hundreds of educator friends with whom I’ve had some really constructive conversations. In fact, I’d consider most of them friends, and a few are especially closer friends.

But it’s quite another thing to have people in your life who will not only encourage you and trend your positive, but will also advise you, challenge you, and grow you into a better educator, leader, and person.

A true friend helps you transform into a better version of yourself.

Who Mentors You?

Many people have greatly influenced me and moved me to action. I’m so grateful to have these people in my life. They are there with me in my memories, in my present walk, and guiding my future as I reflect upon those with whom I surround myself. I’m so grateful to so many who have molded me and continue to help me grow.

A mentor is more than an acquaintance. A mentor helps you grow.

Who Would You Like to Become?

We compare ourselves to others. It’s just human nature to do that, right? Maybe.

How many times have you thought: “Wow, if only… I could be like that person. That person has it all. What a life! I want that life!”

But there’s a real danger when we try to become someone else. In addition, there’s a real danger when we tell others to become exactly like someone else.

No matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to be exactly like someone else.

Nor should you try to be exactly like someone else. Not only is it unhealthy and exhausting, it also limits your value as an individual. As an educator with a personality, talent, and identity so unique, each of us owes it to our communities to be who we were cut out to be.

By embracing our genuine identities, we individually bring value to our professional learning teams, staffs, spaces, and learners.

Lifelong learners blaze their own trails.

Which Qualities Do You Admire?

Thinking on this question led me in a certain thought progression about fellow educators I’d like to emulate, I’d like to be, and… Why?

Why do you wish to emulate that person?

A number of admirable character traits come to mind. Perhaps, some leadership skills and strategies make their way to the forefront. Maybe a few quotes, blogs, books, conferences, presentations, speaking engagements, education events, or research projects influenced your foundation and pushed your thinking. And if you’re fortunate enough, fond memories of moments experienced together bring a smile to your face.

For starters, I admire those with whom I can have a conversation and a cup of coffee.

What are your thoughts? Comment here!

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