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7 Norms of Collaboration: Paraphrase

Hello, Friends! Since shifting into my new role, I find myself wanting even more time to process and reflect. I haven’t blogged or posted as much lately. However, I can’t wait any longer to share this reflection. This one has me thinking about so much more than just school, work, Read more…

Collegiality > Congeniality: Examples in Action

Hey, Friends! I’m still researching this whole concept. In a series of posts here and here so far, I’ve been loosely comparing collegiality to congeniality. To say the least, it’s been an interesting study in the field of education. The central theme is that before we can dive in, dig Read more…

Collegiality > Congeniality: Empathy

Empathy. Sounds simple enough, right? Perhaps it’s one of the most popular buzzwords to ever circulate our social spaces. But what does it really mean? And how might it apply to us in the education world? Hey, Friends! I’m reflecting on educator collegiality in a series of posts, stemming from Read more…