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Pedestal Problems

Social Emotional Learning is a big deal in schools and life today. Our kids are persevering through challenges unprecedented. Navigating human interaction as adults is no easy feat either, it seems. Therefore, it’s not hard to imagine why there might be so many pedestal problems–even amidst total clarity, context, and Read more…

4 Reasons to Morning Meeting

Let’s talk! Getting to know each other can help us learn together. This year, our staff has conducted Morning Meetings every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. For the first fifteen minutes of the day, students circle up, engaging in teacher-prompted greetings and shares. The Greeting Greetings may involve practicing a firm Read more…

Speaking Appreciation Language

Based on Dr. Gary Chapman‘s book: The Five Love Languages, you can literally Learn More About Your Love Language at this website. Because this topic is so personally nuanced, it strikes at the heart of who we are and how we interact as people in our many communities. And educators, we Read more…