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Based on Dr. Gary Chapman‘s book: The Five Love Languages, you can literally Learn More About Your Love Language at this website. Because this topic is so personally nuanced, it strikes at the heart of who we are and how we interact as people in our many communities. And educators, we are definitely in the people business.

Dr. Gary Chapman and Paul White would later co-author: The Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace. In her blog: Are You Speaking Your Teacher’s Appreciation Language, Connie Hamilton highlights how our language can help build a positive school culture.

In his #BecomeBetter podcast, Phil Echols cites Gary Chapman’s book: The Five Love Languages as a book that “changed my life.” He goes on to describe how being multilingual can help us become better by speaking in other people’s language.

Building relationships with each other is the foundation to learning and growing together, but fortifying sustainable friendships is not always as easy as it sounds. I’m exploring one strategy that can go a long way in improving our daily interactions.

Sharing our personal Appreciation Language can go a long way in improving communication and sustaining relationships. Share your Appreciation Language here:


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