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3 Replies to “Face-to-Face: The REAL Social Space”

  • Well stated Kyle. Debate is an art and a science and it is a dying art form. And I do appreciate face to face for all the reasons you pointed out. I have to ask, what does PLF stand for?

    • Thank you for commenting, Erika! PLF was verbalized at #iste17 as professional learning family.

  • Hey Pal,

    This statement is brilliant:

    When I know I’m going to see you face-to-face soon, accountability is REAL.

    That’s what’s missing all too often in our social spaces. There’s no accountability for our words if we know that we are never going to meet one another. In fact, we sometimes forget that the people we interact with in those spaces are actually real people at all.

    That’s why local connections are so much more powerful to me.

    Rock right on,

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