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Why Selfie? Your answer to that question says A LOT about you. What is your selfie motive? Is it just a vanity thing, or is there more to it than that? Your reason to selfie reveals your heart. There are definitely inappropriate Who, What, Where, and When. But how about that Why?

YOUR thoughts on “The Selfie?” Respond Here.

#HamstraHighlights cites these selfie motives, ranging from unhealthy to healthy. What would you add to the list or what would you take away?

Unhealthy Selfie

Healthy Selfie

Me, I, Myself Us, We, You
Self-Promotion Building Others Up
Building Your Brand Building Relationships
A Moment A Memory
A Picture An Artifact

I DO take selfies–for reasons I believe are healthy. And because I also utilize twitter as my professional archive, even cataloguing learning experiences by curriculum objectives, I hashtag with purpose, and that includes tweeted selfies. I love people, and I invest in relationships. Many lifelong learning experiences and relationships are priceless, and now technology provides the platforms and opportunities to share meaningfully and efficiently. Because #YouMatter so much to me, I’m intentionally hashtagging our selfie so I can easily access it through a unique hashtag or by a multiple-word twitter-search in the future.Research has proven that our brains light up when we talk about ourselves. But when we take a picture of ourselves and share it instantaneously worldwide? Euphoria, indeed.

Are there inappropriate times, places, and reasons to selfie?

Why can’t we just take a selfie and NOT share it with the world?

Are there times when you should just put the phone down and be in the moment?

Are there inappropriate ways to use any tool?

Answers to these questions may rattle the very foundations of our self worth, personal digital citizenship practices, or professional philosophies of teaching and learning.

Or, maybe we should just lighten up? Isn’t it okay just to be silly and have fun once in a while?

I look forward to your responses.

What are your thoughts? Comment here!

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