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WHY #Hashtag180: To archive, share, and tell your school’s learning journey through curriculum standards and objectives hashtags.

We can all learn more when we share resources. But are we really doing this? And if so, are we sharing efficiently and effectively? I’d argue that–with today’s advanced technologies at our fingertips–there’s always a few keystrokes’ room for improvement. Helping each other connect and #becomebetter matters, because how good and effective educators are in their craft directly and ultimately impacts our students and their learning. The good news is that we finally have the potential and power to connect and share–like never before!

Flipgrid: How Do You Share Resources Efficiently? Respond Here!

The only reason I (originally) got in to twitter was just to build a library. To me, twitter was where I would archive resources to enhance student learning. But how would those resources be organized in a way for easy access and sharing tomorrow; in a week; at the end of the year for review; or even three years later? In 2013, I began hashtagging tweeted resources with curriculum objectives, specifically the North Carolina Science Essential Standards for fifth grade. Below, see all grades K-5 learning in action, hashtagged by science curriculum objectives:

Hashtags serve a variety of purposes. They can be used to pool collections of tweets from a conference, twitter chat, or an event. They can be used to boost a brand and launch free marketing research these days. More importantly, hashtags can be used to help you, your classroom, or your school #TellYourStory.

Many on social media (especially facebook and instagram) only use hashtags to be funny, to finish a story, or to provoke, for example. No–There’s nothing wrong with having a little fun and cultivating meaningful or meaningless dialogue to learn and grow together, or share a few laughs. But the truth is that these posts are nearly lost forever! Social media users won’t be able to remember their own long, silly, meaningless hashtags, and 400 posts later, the potential to access and share that one post from a while ago diminishes greatly, directly correlating to its value as a learning resource.

What if educators actually used tools like twitter in a more meaningful manner? What if we all hashtagged with purpose? For example, if I see an example of a challenging weather topic to learn and teach, I’m tweeting it with #sci5E11. After all, no purpose is greater than constant, ongoing learning, growing, and improving to better serve our learners.

We Wonder: 

  • Where do you begin?

#Hashtag180 has teamed up with @KyleHamstra‘s #HamstraHighlights to help us move From the Dewey Decimal System to YOUR [learning objective] hashtags. Please contact @KyleHamstra of kylehamstra.com if you want to join our ongoing endeavors to improve learning experiences. Or, just get started! And please share your journey and ideas for hashtagging, archiving, accessing, and sharing learning resources with @KyleHamstra, with your fellow professional learning network, and at #Hashtag180. Through sharing resources efficiently and effectively, together, we can all become better for our learners. Enjoy!


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