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Do you want to become better for your students? Let’s build an archive together! What if every educator used the same hashtags to share their learning and teaching resources with each other efficiently? Let’s facilitate even more meaningful experiences for our learners by exchanging specifically-hashtagged ideas on a FREE platform!

Blogger’s Notes:

  • Twitter is FREE. You don’t even need your own twitter account to search for other educators’ tweets via twitter hashtags. You don’t need a unique login or username, unless you also want to tweet your learning.
  • #Hashtag180 is FREE! It’s a grassroots Movement created by educators for educators. This is not a business. Nothing is being sold; no data is being mined, collected, or distributed. This is pure learning, teaching, and sharing to #becomebetter for our learners and profession. #Hashtag180 staff welcomes your feedback for what’s working and what we can improve.

WHY—10 Reasons Why You Should Hashtag Curriculum Objectives

HOWNorth Carolina Curriculum Hashtags–Also available in Google Doc and PDF.

1–Memorize Your Curriculum.

  • When you’re constantly checking for the exact objective to connect with learning experiences to share through hashtagging, you memorize your curriculum.

2–Recognize Learning Opportunities All Around You.

  • The more familiar you are with your curriculum, the more apparent curriculum-related learning opportunities becomes to you.

3–See Opportunities to Integrate Concepts and Disciplines.

  • How do concepts in math and science overlap? Are there any strategies for mapping science and social studies curricula? How can English language arts be integrated throughout all learning experiences? 

4–See Opportunities for Vertical Alignment.

  • Did you know? Students in grades K, 2, 5, and 7 all research weather? Students in grades 1, 3, and 5 all study forces and motion? How are we integrating nonfiction words and concepts with English language arts? How are we sharing resources across grade levels to realize and sustain equitable learning opportunities?

5–Access Prior Tweets for Planning.

  • Why are we so dependent on publishing companies, third party websites, and consumable product suppliers? We are each other’s best resources. FREE ideas for teaching and learning created by teachers for teachers, specified by curricula standards and objectives, as living documents that may change over time, is priceless.

6–Access Prior Tweets for Reviewing.

  • Remember when we…? Wait—How did that go again? Where was that website? Can you see how that beginning-of-the-year experience links to what we’re learning right now? Could you imagine searching hashtags to find resources to prepare for an assessment or reflection?

7–Connect, Learn, and Grow with Your Professional Learning Network.

  • What a shame it is that many times educators don’t even know how another teacher down the hall in the same building is teaching the exact same lesson. What if the teacher one mile, ten miles, or two counties away had a better idea for learning the same concepts?
  • There are treasure troves of information all around us every day, and we rarely access or share them. Why is that? The treasure hunt is over. The treasure map is at our fingertips. Let’s get specific. Let’s learn our curriculum. Let’s be intentional. Let’s hashtag with purpose.

8–Build a library for learning, professional evaluation, professional portfolio.

  • Sitting down with your administrator for an observation or annual goal review? What if you could twitter search to demonstrate how you you…. thru hashtags? You can!
  • What if you had your own treasure trove of ideas and experiences upon which to reflect by twitter-searching “@yourhandle #curriculumobjective” for blog writing, continuous improvement, and lifelong learning? You do!

9–Tell your school and community’s story of learning.

  • What happens at your school? If your twitter handle or online presence is hard to find, then there’s a 100% chance that others are telling your story.
  • Schools, educators, and students may have needs that supercede twitter and hashtags. #Hashtag180 would never mandate that all educators must tweet–But rather that tweets may be accessed by all educators to exchange ideas for FREE!
  • How can your community connect, learn, and grow with your school?

10–Become better for students. Empower learners. 

  • Unlike some apps that are bound to locations or login codes, twitter is a platform for creating, accessing, and sharing resources everywhere, 24/7.
  • We need to look out for learning. Learning opportunities are all around us every day. It’s up to us to empower ourselves, each other, and our learners to seize the opportunities.

Blogger’s Note: Whether or not we use curriculum as THEE guide to all learning experiences, it’s imperative to know our curriculum well, at least to understand learning objectives as points of reference for future opportunities. If you view hashtagging as something you have to do, then don’t do it. Hopefully, it’s something we want to at least try. Together, let’s become better for our learners and our future.

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