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Okay, I’m probably not the first to know. But everyone I’ve ever asked–They didn’t know! They didn’t know twitter’s best-kept secret. And from someone who originally joined twitter just to archive fifth grade science resources, this was a really big deal!

I LOVE using twitter as an archive. In fact, I believe hashtagging with purpose leads to better sharing and learning for educators and students alike, especially when you hashtag specific curriculum objectives. I believe it so strongly, I created #Hashtag180:

In addition, accessing specific learning experiences, conferences, and twitter chat conversations at a moment’s notice is very easy for me, because I know twitter’s best-kept secret. I intentionally leverage the power of the hashtag to catalogue, almost as if breathing life into the twenty-first century’s version of The Dewey Decimal System.

So, what IS twitter’s best-kept secret?

Let’s see… I’m in a twitter chat, F2F conversation, or conference, AND I tweet with purpose–And I want to recall a specific memory or disucssion that pertains to my current learning. How can I access THAT moment?

Well, I remember being inspired by Kerry Gallagher to reimagine learning with the help of technology at the 2016 ISTE Conference. And because it meant so much to me in that moment (and beyond), I know I tweeted it on the spot. Therefore, in the twitter search bar, I’m entering: “@KyleHamstra @KerryHawk02 #iste2016”. And would you just guess one of the twitter-search results?

Because I had THIS moment tweeted with one specific hashtag and handle, I was able to recall it easily when preparing to reference it in my own ISTE Ignite:

MY #iste17: Walking Away A Better Leader (Periscoped by @aplusedtech). In my ISTE Ignite Presentation, I referenced Kerry Gallager’s #iste2016 quote at 2:19.

SO COOL to utilize twitter’s multiple-word/phrase/hashtag search option for that special moment!

But when educators tweet learning experiences with specific curriculum objective hashtags, those tweets become resources to access for future learning. Can you just imagine the potential teaching and learning power here? THIS is how I hashtag North Carolina Science Essential Standards:

Go ahead! Try to access your first tweet! Did you hashtag with purpose? I DID (because this was my reason for joining twitter)! I remember that I was at the Farmer’s Market. I remember that producers are in the North Carolina Fifth Grade Science Essential Standards–Objective: #sci5L22.

Upon recall, I’m twitter-searching: “@KyleHamstra farmers market #sci5L22”. And…There it is! One of my very first tweets!

I’m encouraging EVERY educator to:

Happy Tweeting, Hashtagging, Archiving, Researching, Sharing, Learning, and Teaching!

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