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WHY: To Improve Student Learning Experiences.

#Hashtag180 began as one fifth grade science teacher’s journey to enhance and supplement curriculum. It grew into: Hashtag A Community Around Your Curriculum.

HOW: See: How To Hashtag North Carolina Science Essential Standards and North Carolina Curriculum Hashtags.Tweet one experience on each of the 180 school days of the year, and hashtag it with your learning objective and #hashtag180.

UPDATE: Also see: #Hashtag180 Central, including: Look Out for Learning and Hashtagging ISTE Student Standards

WHO: ALL Educators

WHAT: The #Hashtag180 Challenge was originally designed for educators to access and share learning resources very specifically by tweeting life and classroom experiences, hashtagged with learning objectives and #Hashtag180. Where does it go from here? The possibilities are endless…

WHERE: #Hashtag180

WHEN: Beginning Saturday, April 15, 2017

One Reply to “Join The #Hashtag180 Challenge!”

  • Kyle,
    I love this challenge! What a great way to archive what you have done all year and what a resource for others. Absolutely brilliant. I am sharing this with the admin and staff in my building – Wouldn’t it be awesome if principals did this as they walked the buildings and observed teachers. What a treasure trove of ideas we would all have!
    Keep inspiring!

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