WHY: To Improve Student Learning Experiences.

#Hashtag180 began as one fifth grade science teacher’s journey to enhance and supplement curriculum. It grew into: Hashtag A Community Around Your Curriculum.

HOW: See: From Dewey Decimals to Hamstra Hashtags: 4 Steps To Sharing Learning Resources Efficiently. Tweet one experience on each of the 180 school days of the year, and hashtag it with your learning objective and #hashtag180.

UPDATE: How To Hashtag North Carolina Science Essential Standards

UPDATE: Look Out for Learning 

UPDATE: How To Hashtag Common Core Math & English Language Arts (Coming Soon!)

UPDATE: How To Hashtag ISTE Student & Teacher Standards (Coming Soon!)

UPDATE: How To Hashtag Next Generation Science Standards (Coming Soon!)

WHO: ALL Educators

WHAT: The #Hashtag180 Challenge was originally designed for educators to access and share learning resources very specifically by tweeting life and classroom experiences, hashtagged with learning objectives and #Hashtag180. Where does it go from here? The possibilities are endless…

WHERE: #Hashtag180

WHEN: Beginning Saturday, April 15, 2017