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#Hashtag180’s History: In August, 2013, I joined twitter just to have a digital space to store hashtagged resources to make my teaching better. Today, this Dewey Hashtag System is a growing movement in education.

#Hashtag180’s Launch: I have been hashtagging curriculum standards and objectives since way before 2013. A few years later, I officially named the process and launched #Hashtag180 on April 15, 2017.

#Hashtag180’s Mission: Make teaching and learning better by archiving, sharing, and telling our learning journey thru specific curriculum hashtags.

#Hashtag180’s Mission Objectives Defined:

  • Archive: To capture and store resources, classified, sorted, and searchable by curriculum standard and objective hashtags.
  • Share: Exchanging resources, strategies, and ideas with fellow educators to make teaching and learning better.
  • Tell: Tell your school’s story by celebrating learning, trending your positives, promoting school spirit, and modeling digital citizenship.

How #Hashtag180 Works: Whenever you create, facilitate, or discover a resource that can help learners or supplement learning, hashtag it with the specific standard, and post it on social media. Do this at least once a day (on a 180-day school calendar, for example).

#Hashtag180 Resources: 

How #hashtag180 and #GridSciNC can increase sharing of standard-specific resources.

Prediction: By July 1, 2025, #Hashtag180 will merge with AR/VR and a new Google Glass to literally make learning more visible.

#Hashtag180 Presentation at the #ISTE18 Conference

Creating your own #Hashtag180 system is personalizing Twitter.  

How educators can change the way public ed is perceived

#Hashtag180 Presentation at the NCTIES Conference

Bill Ferriter creates meaningful #Hashtag180 Videos

Copying Bill Ferriter‘s Blogger site, Kyle builds his portfolio

Bill’s tweeted videos populate Blogger in one location

#Hashtag180 Presentation at WCPSSITLMS Convergence Symposium

Google Slides Presentation from DOING Professional Learning

Start with WHY: Reasons why curriculum hashtags make educators better.

Index of all North Carolina public school hashtags–and more!

Learning opportunities are all around us every day. Capture, archive, and share!

Walk thru hashtagged examples of NC K-8 science learning experiences.   

What do the ISTE Student Standards look like? What if we shared thru hashtags?

How to navigate your meaningful, hashtagged, catalogued, timeless archive.  

#Hashtag180’s Early Efforts: 4 Steps to Sharing Learning Resources Efficiently

#Hashtag180 is born! Birthed in pedagogy. Analog tweets WAY before digital twitter.

Share’s Bill’s reflection about the value of Hashtag 180 work after spending a few weeks hashtagging his curriculum.  

Explains the technical steps that Bill has taken to automatically add each Hashtag 180 post to a growing digital portfolio.

Bill’s attempt to articulate three simple reasons that teachers should embrace #hashtag180 work.

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  • Kyle,
    I love the hard work and dedication you have for sharing your learning with others. It shows in your tweets and blog posts. Well done!

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