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Blogger’s Update: This post has been revised with The #Hashtag180 App post on November 27th, 2020, and also with the official launch of the #Hashtag180 App on March 4, 2020. End Blogger’s Update

DATE: July 1, 2025

Today: Is THE DAY!

Twenty Years: From 2005 to 2025, one educator’s passion project was now focused into one FREE app. The world–and the world of education–are forever changed!

Gratitude: First of all, I’d like to thank #Hashtag180 app builder ________________________, for believing in me and my idea. I have learned so much from you and your team, and I can’t thank you enough. The world is a better place because of you, and you, my friend, are an inspiration to us all!

In addition, I’d like to thank the curriculum writers from all fifty states, districts, commonwealths, and islands for adding their layers of standards and objectives. I love navigating from my state to surrounding states and all the way to the islands to see how closely we are aligned in our learning targets, as well as to integrate even more resources to enrich my students’ learning experiences. Thank you!

Next, I’d like to thank the U.S. Department of Education. Although the department has been restructured over recent years for more face-to-face, onsite visits from its 250 educator ambassadors, I’m all the more grateful for its investment into technology funding, making the #hashtag180 app possible.

Finally, I’d like to thank all those that were with me from the very beginning. You know how much I value loyalty in my friendships, and I appreciate your nurturing, challenging, and nudging to become better all along the way. What a journey we’ve had together!

The Product and the Process: As I explored the box delivered by Edu-Drone Mail, I was careful not to puncture the precious contents. I knew that it would be a pair of multi-lens sunglasses, but I did NOT know what the labels told me to be true: “#Hashtag180 app also available in 50k (like beyond 4k resolution) in the google play, android, apple, and EDU (not yet created) store.” Then again, I’m not surprised by my network or my #hashtag180 app builders _____________________.

WOW! Not only could I use these sunglasses to literally see the world as hashtag-connecting learning opportunities, learners of all ages could also scan their world on any device or platform to see curriculum-specific resources all around us in our everyday world. It reminded me of the YELP app teamed up with PokeMonGo, from a decade ago, but also waaay more engaging than a present day, ongoing, hologram twitter chat. This was a living encyclopedia of specific resources, changing every day, as more learners add their own resources to enhance global learning processes.

My First #Hashtag180 App Experience: The time has come! I penetrated the box with surgeon-like precision. The app builder ______________________ was right. They are sunglasses, and not just glasses–because the future of learning, teaching, and education is bright. Indeed, we are on FIRE for learning. And also–that the sunglasses fit me like glove.

Even before the sunglasses slid fully behind my ears and all the way up my big nose, learning opportunities were already coming into view! As I peripherally-panned the room before embracing solid clarity, very specific learning opportunities exploded around me, first like fireworks, then more slowly in bubbles, like VH1’s Pop Up Video.

Not only did the app present standard-specific learning opportunities, but it also featured suggestions for relationship-building strategies, passion projects specific to individual students, and global social-emotional learning concerns.

We’ve always had the technology, the tools, the power, and the expertise, and now? We have the strategies and the platorms to archive, share, and tell our learning journeys. Finally! We are connecting efficiently to make teaching and learning better for all.

As I continue to Look Out for Learning opportunities, and ways to leverage technologies to make learning and teaching better, I have to agree: Our future is bright!

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