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What an incredible ride so far!

I’ve been reflecting through #HamstraHighlights for about thirteen months now, and the experience has been truly rewarding. I’m grateful to George Couros for getting me started, and I’m also grateful to several who have guided me along the way, including Dr. Steven Weber, Bill Ferriter, Derek McCoy, Chris Tuttell, and Melanie FarrellTHANK YOU!

What I like most about blogging is that it disciplines me to specifically reflect upon my experiences. As I zoom in on takeaways and how I can apply new principles learned, prior experiences become even more meaningful. In addition, I love how the learning process also archives experiences, making growth over time even more transparent.

Because I’m blogging on my own site, I’ve noticed that I’m looking even more specifically at what other educators are passionate about, what matters to them, and the manner and formats in which they deliver their reflections and content. There are so many big-time educators and great ones from which to learn, that I find myself reading now more than ever in my lifeTHANK YOU!

Finally, I saved the best for last. What I love about blogging is YOU. For anyone who has ever taken time to read one paragraph or has given me advice to #becomebetter as a professional or as a person, as a result of #HamstraHighlights, THANK YOU! I’m extremely grateful for you. You inspire me. You make me better. My goals are to blog weekly, in fewer words, and on topics both professional and personal.

These Top 5 #HamstraHighlights of 2017 generated more conversation than other posts. No, you might not see a plethora of WordPress comments or twitter likes, retweets, and shares, but face-to-face, twitter direct messages, voxer chats, and even email conversations have genuinely added value to my professional growth opportunities. THANK YOU.

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