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_____ brings me joy.

_____ is how I spread joy to others.

_____ is how I’m inspiring joy in the world.

Have you ever stopped to recognize what brings you joy?

If your moments, days, or life are joy-filled, what might that look like?

In so many ways, this 2020 year was hard. Given all the circumstances, you would have had to have invested extra effort to name those things that make your heart smile. Then, on the other hand, light shines brighter in the darkness.

Once again, what I truly valued about actually following through on another Twitter challenge this time, was that #31daysofjoy forced me to post one thing that brought me joy for every day of December. After a while, I could feel a new habit forming. I was making a good habit more visible while, at the same time, miminizing potential investment in bad habits. My outlook was changing.

Making a habit out of rediscovering joy is an ongoing process of persevering through painful places to embrace your current lot in life–no matter what. It’s another new starting line from which to reflect on where you’ve been, where you are, and where you might be going. It’s another opportunity to realize your place in this world, to grow your empathy potential, and to pause to position your perspective.

Because I had recently completed my #30daysofgratitude Twitter challenge for the month of November, I often found myself trying to define examples of joy that were not gratitude throughout my #31daysofjoy in December. After all, joy and gratitude are so closely related, right?

If something brings you joy, then aren’t you also grateful for it? If you’re so grateful for something that you’re inspired to express gratitude, then doesn’t that whole process bring you joy?

Then, who cares? There’s no need to separate the two or to overthink it. Expressing and receiving joy and gratitude are healthy, restorative, and positive processes that are good for the soul. Both joy and gratitude make my heart smile.

What brings you joy? More importantly…

How are you spreading joy to others?

How are you inspiring joy in the world?

Here are my #31daysofjoy, so far:

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