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#Teacherlife–Child Care–Day 1

As I entered the building to hand over the most precious thing in my life to nearly complete strangers, a part of me died. I know change is hard, but I just don’t know how to describe transitions like these. This one was especially difficult, I think, because it was Read more…

#TeacherLife–Child Care Doubts

I’m so torn up about this, I can barely express myself. Whether a parent yourself–or not–I think every educator can benefit from these thoughts. Next week, our 21-month-old son goes to child care for the first time. Alone. Without mommy, daddy, or grandparents by his side. Completely. Alone. My feelings Read more…

What I Never Knew as a Classroom Teacher

I don’t know it all. And I think most people would agree that they don’t, either. But here’s the super scary thing. There’s more! As a classroom teacher, there were so many things I didn’t know… that I didn’t know. Nothing has made me more aware of this simple truth Read more…