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Getting it wrong is a dead end… unless…

Working to get it right is a you-turn.

Have you ever made a mistake?

Have you ever said something you wanted to take back?

Have you ever done something you really regret?

Have you ever had a relationship you’d like to do over?

A bad day at work that still haunts you? A chapter you’d like to rewrite? An interaction that no longer represents who you are or what you’re about?

Have you ever wanted to travel back in time to make the wrong–right?

God knows I have. All of that.

While you can’t travel back in time, you might still have a chance to make the best of it after all.

While some mistakes may have passed the point of no return, many might remain open-ended opportunities.

Mistakes Might Not Be Final… If You:

  1. Do the heart work to get it right
  2. Do the hard work to make it right
  3. Do the head work to do better, and
  4. Do the soul work to be better.

When I started blogging six years ago, I was advised to “tell a story” in my posts. Because that’s what people will remember. That’s the effective way to blog. It’s how you market yourself and “build a following.”

Well, I’m bleeding this blog series from the heart. And for this particular post, I just can’t narrow it down. It feels like there are too many negative experiences to share. It’s humbling to recall the mistakes I’d like to recover, the relationships I long to restore, and the meanders I wish to mend. It feels like there’s not enough ink to rewrite, to overwrite, or to make it right.

Yet, maybe this reflection is less about living in the past and more about forging ahead to the future. Maybe it’s less about me and more about serving others. Instead of telling “my story” through provocative ponderings and anecdotal antecedents, maybe this moment is more about the experiences being recalled right now–and, more importantly–how to make them right moving forward.

Life Is Short

While you might not get the grace you’re craving, the forgiveness you’re foraging for, or the right eraser for the horrible happenings, you still hold the pen pencil in your hand.

Each moment might be an opportunity to circle back… to circle up.

Each moment might be an opportunity to re-right… to rewrite.

Blogger’s Note: This is Part IV in: “Getting It Right,” a series based on one line from Brene Brown‘s Book: Dare to Lead. In The Armory on pages 75-76, Brown shifts Armored Leadership example 05: “Being a knower and being right” to the Daring Leadership response: “Being a learner and getting it right.” This one line has greatly impacted my work, life, and perspective in the last few years. End Blogger’s Note.

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