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Hey, Friends.

I’m sorry.

I just couldn’t do it this year. I’m exhausted.

With so much happening in 2020-2021, I just needed to take a few moments for me.

Instead of waking up at 5:00am to write another annual #OneWord post, I’m going to cuddle up closer to my wife for a few more hours.

Instead of gawking at everyone else’s #OneWord2022 (which I still might do later), I’m battling dinosaurs with my boy.

Instead of checking my email and acting out anxiety, I’m resting in the quiets of my screened-in porch.

Instead of thinking about the past, I’m doing the future.

Instead of staying late the first day back, I’m leaving early to pick up our boy early from childcare.

Instead of goal-setting next steps that will be ultimately shattered by forces beyond my control, I’m thinking about how I can sharpen my capacity for strategic leadership and change leadership.

Instead of pledging to do this or to do that, to be this or to be that, and to pretend as if I have any control over the powers that be moving forward, I’m here.

Just trying to be a better father, husband, lifelong learner, and person.

Please forgive me.

Wishing you a great 2022.

I love you.

Love, Kyle

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