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It’s a first! Twice?

I never thought I would see this in any sport–let alone the Olympics.

Check it out:

Such a medals-winning moment!

Yet, it would not go unnoticed, unscathed, or unchallenged by onlookers all over the arena.

Here were just a few categorical reactions posted in the moment:


Especially with everything going on in the world over the last few years, this was the feel-good moment that we’ve been waiting for. This kind of thing lights you up and fuels your eternal flame. The world needs more of this! This level of sportsmanship, selflessness, heart, civility, and global unity doesn’t happen every day. Literally for the love of humanity, this is so beautiful. Take it all in!

Embrace. Celebrate. Love. Cry… Tears of joy.


In life, there are winners and losers. There is no middle ground. This is an Olympic sport, and there can only be one winner. Everybody doesn’t get a ribbon. Everybody doesn’t win. We must fight for the right to win–and lose. Someone must lose. Life isn’t fair. We gotta keep it real about how unfair life can be–anywhere in the world. At anytime. Always.

Evaluate. Divide. Protest. Conquer.


They did it just for the ratings. They were all in on it. This was historically, mathematically, and analytically impossible. Such a stunt on a global stage–or potential podium as it were, required some serious skill and certain calculation in the setup. This is too good to be true. We can’t let in the possibility that this is real. There must be a reason why it’s fake. There must be evidence to cite why it’s not real. If there’s no evidence, we will make it up to feed our own narrative. Initially, let’s just make fun of it until we can make the sense of it that we want.

Doubt. Disbelieve. Disprove. Disown.


I’m still thinking this through. Since it was on TV, and everything is eventually about the bottom line, it might have been preplanned. Yet, I’m not totally sure because there’s no way to prove it. I want to believe that it was real and that this actually, genuinely happened. Therefore, whether it’s real or not, I’m choosing to believe that it is real. As of today, this is what I’m thinking. But I’m always open to circling back for more critique.

Connect. Reflect. Flowchart. Flex.


Wait–The Olympics are on? What is happening? I know that some people are diehard sports fans and Olympic fans, but not me. I don’t care. I got too many other things going on that I don’t have time for any of that. Seriously, who has time to watch… anything these days? Nobody cares about this. Definitely not me.

Stay. Disregard. Be.

How About You?

I know where I stand.

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