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There are some events that are so special, you have to tune in.

Regardless of whomever’s in office, every State of the Union Address, Election Night, and Debate Night is an historical occasion. Perhaps it’s the orchestration of it all. Maybe it’s fulfilling my civic duty, in a sense. A bit of awe or wonder paints a picture of seeing history in the making. You can feel the heartbeat of a nation, as leaders meet together to seemingly hear each other define, realign, reset, and project the future. There’s learning value in being an informed citizen in society, to interact with diverse communities and thinkers. But mostly for me–There’s something patriotic about seeing people from all walks of life come together to celebrate the American dream.

As an educator, I want to be tuned in to global networks and events to enrich my background knowledge and context to better serve students. The more we know each other and our life and learning needs, the more we can grow together.

Equally, as an educator, I’m wondering if choosing to NOT know is okay? Shouldn’t we be tuned in to current events at all levels so we have an understanding of the world in which our children learn and grow?

Yet, after we gain newfound knowledge, it is our choice how we react, and to whom we return to learn more. To the extent and depth into which we ingrain our lives into the world, for many, their faith in a Deity transcends it all.

The Routine

Order a pizza, wings, chips-and-dip, fruits-and-veggies, or make that favorite home-cooked meal.

Do the research–Watch multiple TV channels and social media to preview expectations from several different perspectives. And I DO. So interesting to see not just how some things are reported, but what is even being reported or discussed on different networks and hashtags.

I have been doing this for years, but what has been fascinating is seeing how improvements in technology paved the way for interactive opportunities to progress over time.

  • No longer does it have to be just you-and-the-TV. Alone.
  • No longer will we watch a TV, without the option to join hundreds of worldwide discussions ranging vast expanses of issues and perspectives.
  • No longer will we ever believe That’s The Way It Is because one person told us that to be true.

Just like in our own lifelong journeys, reflection is SO critical to our learning process. To me–The responses and post-commentaries are just as important than any of the previews or previous comments.

Other Current Event Summit Experiences

I have to say this again: For me as an educator, I not only want to, but feel like I have to be tuned in to global networks and events to enrich my prior knowledge and context to better serve students.

Few political events can top the fanfare of the State of the Union Address Election Night, and Debate Night, but some DO. And check out the other life events that potentially hold value to learn and grow, or at least be informed about topics and issues that affect our students.

There’s value in listening. There’s value in learning. I will definitely be tuning in to any events that may affect the world in which our learners and children live and grow in order to become more informed, to become better for them.

How about you? Do you tune in?

What are your thoughts? Comment here!

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