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What’s happening in our learning spaces?

Facilitating learning experiences that are memorable, meaningful, and student-centered–while still learning curriculum–is one of the true challenges in education today. 

As many families grow older, they stop gifting stuff and start gifting experiences. I believe they do this to spend quality time together, making memories.

Our three-month-old son literally has no memory right now.

As Educators: What kinds of memories are we creating with our learners?

One Reply to “Making Memories”

  • Not sure I agree with doctor on ‘no memory’ of the shots…pretty sure that’s one of the reasons the nurses usually administer them 🙂 🙂 But making memories in the classroom has definitely been on my mind since reading ‘Power of the Moment’! Looking for ways to create those moments…hands on activity to celebrate Pi Day yesterday, for example!

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