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We’ve had the tools, technology, and the power… And now?

We also have the space and strategy to share!

Welcome to #GridCulum! This is where Flipgrid breaks down barriers, educators share ideas, and together, we make learning and teaching better for all.

Why #GridCulum?

Educators are each other’s best resources. Each of us has a treasure trove of ideas, strategies, lessons, and information to enhance student learning experiences.

But why aren’t we sharing more efficiently?

How will we ever connect, learn, and grow in our craft together?

With #GridCulum, educators break down barriers of:

  • Means: Time, funding, and distance to see other learning spaces.
  • Access: Observing great lessons from several teachers.
  • Geography: Seeing learning and teaching in other countries, states, counties, districts, or even just down the hall.

Blogger’s Note: #GridCulum for Middle School and High School Coming Soon!

So far, we’ve launched #GridCulum for Elementary:

How To View #GridCulumElem

  1. Click on this Flipgrid Code.
  2. Find a learning experience by grade, subject, or area of interest.
  3. View videos shared by other educators.

How To Share Your #GridCulumElem

  1. Click on this Flipgrid Code.
  2. Find your grade, subject, or area of interest.
  3. Click on the plus sign to record or upload your learning experience.

The beauty of Flipgrid lies both in its simplicity of video creation and navigation, as well as its power to amplify voice and meaningful discussion in one organized place.

If we can archive, share, and tell our stories, we can make learning and teaching better.

If we can make education better, we can change the world.

3 Replies to “#GridCulum”

  • Kyle, I so appreciate your passion for not only connecting WITH others, but helping educators to connect with each other! Your ideas of hashtagging and flipgridding curriculum are game changers- now it’s up to us to run with them and to utilize these tools/share and archive our curriculum ideas to make teaching and learning better and more effective. This is yet another motivator for me to use Flipgrid as a tool to enhance my practice as an educator! Thanks for that nudge, and keep the innovative ideas coming!

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